Image of Mott Haven Families

Mott Haven Families is a group of neighbors in the South Bronx with the goal of building a strong community in our neighborhood. Our most important mission is to make connections and create a robust community network centered around activism, mutual aid, and organized family-friendly events.

We understand this work is an extension of the longer history of South Bronx resistance to injustice. Our goals are to organize in solidarity with South Bronx residents and community organizations, making Mott Haven stronger and safer by building relationships and fighting for greater investment in our communities. We want to think creatively about what safety and care look like beyond police, landlords, and other forces of capitalism and white supremacy. Our hope is to connect people to resources that are already available, to show up for our neighbors when they need help, to fight against the systems of oppression that have battered our community, and to build a mutually supportive society.